Indian Astrology

According to Oxford Dictionary "The study of the supposed influence of star and planets on human being is Astrology". Indian Astrology is a Divine science of cosmic effect on animate and inanimate objects of this earth. Question is why astrology, What is its need when everything is well planned by Almighty. First of all we should know what is the purpose of Astrology in day-today life.Todays all the happenings of our lives is well planned by the creator of this Universe. Our pleasure and pain, gain or loss, Health or Wealth, sorrow and happiness, high and low, poverty and richness, birth and death, luxury and scarcity--these all make the confluence of this evolutionary life. Why is there so much inequality in every ones life? Inequality in the life of each person of the society promoted astrology to grow to find the proper answer. No other Science and Technology available could give a proper answer to this question.

Do not we see in our life "A supremely intelligent person who had been scoring top marks in his school period, is forced by circumstances to serve under who is extremely dull-witted. The intelligent person earns a meager income for himself and carries out the order of dull-witted. A young Girl with no grace or charm get married to a good husband, but her neighbour who is very beautiful and rich with all the required qualifications for marriage continues to be on the waiting list or have rough husband. A person with very meager income is blessed with enough children to form a cricket team, while a very well-to-do neighbour with best in health has no child. A rich land lord secures tone of rice, but is unable to take a bowl of cooked rice as he suffers from diabetes. He curses his fate. He who runs a group of Hotels, caters delicious food of all varieties to his customers, but he himself can not consume even a bit of it since he suffers from blood pressure or colic pain.

Thus it is observed that every person has his own share of trial and tribulation of life. If there is assuredly one science that lifts the load off your mind and enable you to face the future with confidence and hope. It is only Astrology. The science of Astrology alone explains why everyone has some worry and also why there is so much inequalities in life and offers mental peace". Brahma" the creator is very merciful, he did not want to see his children suffer. So he created this noble science through the medium of Vedas to lesson down the day today problems and to alleviate human sufferings.Later on this Science was elaborated in Puranas through our learned sages and seers and handed over to Diciples to make it popular among the people. Next question that always revolves in our mind--Is Astrology sufficient to remove our problems of life? Here is the answer like every science there is a limitation.Sometime we remove the problems and sometime we can not be able to remove the problems in total,but we can pacify them to a maximum level depending upon the intensity.Here is a good example: Is not Medicine a science? see some people suffering from Typhoid are admitted in a hospital, to all of them Widal test was positive.The doctor administers mostly the same medicine.Two or three people die,the some had a relapse whereas other recovered.

What we can say?Doctor same ,disease same,medicine same,but the result varied .This is why researches are being made regularly in every science to improve the existing one and to supplement also.Efforts are being made in every science to near perfection.Just now our scientists have proved that our brains have limitations.Within that limit,if someone ask correctly it could be predicted. Again we see the example that in past the great Scientist in America were trying to land on moon. They were successful on many occasion,but Appolo 13 failed.Why? Then is the science wrong?While applying there crept in some mistake,similarly also Astrologers sometime may fail.Medicine is being developed day by day in leaps and bounds,but do not we see the case-sheet"Disease undiagnosed".Even if medicine can be developed to a good extent,can they bring back the lives of all the dead?Everywhere there is limitation and open field of new research at the same time.Secondly,like any other field quacks and semi-literate so-called astrologers are also available in abundance in the field of Astrology.It is your eyes to judge it,no way.Sometime because of our ill-fate and we come across them.How do you classify them as a Astrologer?Just because they are in some different get-up,they know some lines in the hand,or some number system,some zodiac sign or Rasi,or they produce some sanskrit slokas or they are born in some brahmin-family,some family-purohit or Some karmkandi pandits, who run on the same track with their age-old remedy of all problems -Mahamritunjaya jap etc.inspite of their miserable failures.

This is not Astrology at all in real sense.These people misuse this science just to keep their pot boiling.If you approch such people you may lose faith and you will call it as a pseudo science.There are many good Astrologers in India who are serving this science in its real essence.Astrology is a highly respected science.If lifes jpurney can be compared to that of crossing a river,the defth of the river is unknown to you,the Astrologer can be compared to an experienced boatman who guides your way and make your journey free from fear and anxiety. The fundamental basis of astrology is Karma and Re-incarnation.Any mental or physical action is called" KARMA".every action produces its reaction or result which is known as"Karma-phala" as per the third law of Newton.So under the law of Karma,there is nothing as a chance or an accident. Hence, chance, luck,or misfortune are governed absolutely by the law of causation or Karma.God is neither partial nor unjust and everything happens according ones action in the previous birth. Karma and re-incarnation are like a seed growing into a tree which bears fruit yielding seed which in turn produce more trees.The seed is the Karma.The growth of the tree is the life. As is the seed, so will be the plant that springs out of it. If one sows paddy,one can not get wheat.When one sows orange one can not get apple. Everyone creates his own destiny.One should realise that ,it is because of his own Karma he suffers.Only the divine of Karma can explain why people suffer,although they might not have done anything wrong in this life, and they may complain that the stars are bad and that they do not deserve anykind of trouble .Most of us believe that the planet do not cause luck or ill-luck.They only indicate the trend of events in our life. How Astrology can help they society? The saying "Do your duty with sincerity and leave the result to God- holds out a more forceful appeal.Astrology proves that success or failure depends on our previous Karma,suffering are due to sins committed previously and this thought helps us to be good to society,repeatedly saying"It is probably because of some sins committed by me in the previous birth, I suffer now,let me not do harm in this life at least to any body. The existence of Astrology begins with the creation of this universe.The creator" Brahma" himself handed it down to Sage Garga at the time of creation. Later it was spread all over by other sages through the medium of vedas and puranas.Many civilization of the world also contributed a lot in the evolution of this sacred noble science.Early evidence of Astrology is way back to 25,000Years ago as marking on bones and cave walls.By the 3 Millenium BCE many civilization had developed sophisticated awareness of celestial bodies.There are ample evidences that suggest that Astrological copies of text made during the period Babylonia(around1700 BCE),Akkad(2334-2279 BCE),Sumeria(2144-2124 BCE).The oldest undisputed evidence of the use of Astrology emerged from the first dynasty of Mesopotamia (1950-1651B.C). Astrology includes western Astrology,Indian Astrology,chinese Astrology Or East Asian Astrology.

Here we talk only about Indian Astrology.Veda has six limbs called vedangas,Astrology is one among them viz siksha (phonology or Phonetics), Vyakaran (Grammar), Chandas (Prosody), Nirukta (Etymology), Jyotisha (Astronomy-Astrology), and Kalpa (Procedure code for Vedic Rituals.). Astrology or Jyotish means- "The Light".Jyotish has three branches-- (1)Siddhanta--Indian Astronomical calculation.(2)  Samhita -- Mundane Astrology (3) Hora--Predictive Astrology. It is Astrology that gave birth to" Mathematics".Indias contribution in several walks of life such as religion, philosophy, language, architecture, music, dance, literature and even science are wide.This includes the decimal system which lies at the very foundation upon which Modern Science and technology built. Encyclopaedia of Britannica says--There should be no doubt that india is the Mother of the English Number System. Extensive research activities are continuously being done so as to usher the era of this Divine Science to illuminate the life of Mankind with the light of wisdom and to rejuvenate Astrology to its ancient glory. Dr. Stephen Hawkins a great scientist famous for Black Hole ,when came to India for visit in 2001 he gave a very interesting statement being asked on Astrology.He told if we know the speed of molecule around the universe we could predict what is going to happen in future and here in Indian Astrology we do calculate the condition and speed of planet at the birth period of the Native ,but here we account only for that celestial body who effects human physiology. After 1950 a new science was born. Its name is "Cosmic Chemistry".Georgei Giardi is the scientist who discovered this science.He says this whole Universe is as inseparable as our body. Even a finger is wounded the whole body suffers. As in the case with the stars and planet they effect animate and inanimate objects no matter how far they are. Dr. Brown of U.S.A a renowned Doctor and scientist also reaffirmed the Astrology after researching 50 thousand Horoscopes of people from different section of the society,when he was amazed to see planet Mars was prominent in all Army mens Horoscopes,Mercury in the maximum horoscopes of Teachers, scientists,Editors,Jupiter was prominent in religious people and Venus in Artistic peoples Horoscopes. Utility of Astrology have already been duly recognised by the "World Health Organisation".In a report recently published W.H.O.has clearly stated that the study of Astrology and Palmistry is a very helpful medium for diagnosing acute illness and diseases.Russian Medical Practitioners have progressed a lot on the research of medical Palmistry as revealed in a report prepared by"World Health Organisation".