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Dr.Rajan Raaj has been in the service of humankind through the eye of Astrology for the last 14 years.
Important Note: - Dr.Rajan Raaj (online astrologer) tries his best to provide online Astrological Predictions on phone by horoscope reading as soon as possible after remittance of the consultation fee by the client but... it may take some days to prepare and email detailed astrological report as many clients from India and other parts of the world call Dr.Rajan Raaj (online astrologer in India) daily for obtaining online Astrology Predictions on phone and it takes time (1.5-2.0 hours) to prepare an astrological report of a client. So after remitttance of the consultation fee please don't call repeatedly at Dr.Rajan Raaj's phone to enquire regarding the disptach of the astrological report. If you've remitted payment then astrological report will positively reach you after a few days. Thank you!

Note(1): - After remitting consultation fee kindly intimate about it to Dr.Rajan Raaj by giving him a call on his mobile phone.

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ICICI Bank 133801500433 Dr.Rajan
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