Compatibility has become a vital important factor nowadays,Either between two persons,two families, two corporate worlds or between two countries. Today even some leading companies have started employing their employees according to the compatibility with their companies just to keep away discord and disharmony and for smooth running.Maybe, we may call it a different trend but it is true.Here we would talk only about compatibility between two people. We daily hear some relations ended in discord and controversies in daily Newspapers.The situation of the society we are living in is changing very rapidly because of various reasons.We are lacking in tolerance,not ready to understand others point of view,going against nature,over ambition, ego,self centered, not liberal ,jealousy,over expectation from the partner,no control over sudden impulses,different attitudes,no compromising attitudes and so many .

We come across many friends of our are planning for separation or divorce or ending any relation.This is very sad. God has given this life to enjoy and make full use of it by the help of this methodology called compatibility. Compatibility between two persons for the harmonious relationship is called "Melapak".Compatibility is considered between Husband and wife,partnership-business and between friends.The main purpose of this Melapak is to maintain harmony and to avoid unnecessary conflict between two or more persons.There are so many methods available for this like,-by calculating through the Horoscope, by Numerology, by Palmistry and so on.Here we calculate through the planetary situation from the birth Horoscope of the two persons through comprehensive study and analysis.We compare the tendencies towards harmony and disharmony. Compatibility or" Melapak" is done for marriage partnership or any joint venture purpose.Melapak provides the basic information about the quality of intended relationship.It happens during consultation that many couples are living together but they do have difference of opinion.Conflict in their married life.

The reason either may be mental or physical or economical or social.Compatibility is of urgent need for the society even before making a relationship or after the relationship. The cases of cheat ,infidelity and fraud are common in day-today society.Love and affection is something that everybody need but a few people get. Compatibility gives you a clue which period is favourable and unfavourable in life. By knowing the the period we can do something to avoid conflict and disharmony with your partners. Your awareness help you a lot to maintain balance in your married life during that period.By the help of Compatibility you can also know whether the person is suitable for you or not,or if the person is trustworthy or not. The use of the compatibility study must be taken into account.

The Compatibility is of great help and guides us to chart course of ones life in society. On one hand, it provides rules and methodology to find out the compatibility among the prospective couples for marriage.On the other hand it could indicate and bring out the factors,which may delay, disrupt or even completely destroy an alliance for variety of reasons.