Astrologer: Dr. Rajan Raj has been in the service of humankind through the eye of Astrology for the last 14 years. Most interestingly Dr.Raj is an M.D.(A.Medicine), Ph.D.(Astrology),Ph.D.(Yogic Science) Gemologist(I.D.I)Govt.of India, Gold Medal winner .He began his journey of Astrology when he met with his own complexities of life.He met a number of astrologers of India and abroad.Dr. Rajan Raj always tried to associate Astrology with modern streams of sciences and result was there he fetched a Gold Medal at International conference on Astrology in kolkata for delivering a lecture on "Nanotechnology in relation with Astrological science."amidst numerous famous astrologers of India and abroad alongwith solemnly presence of many Central Ministers and Governors and Vice-Chancellors of various Universities.

Several years of committed research in the field of Astrology and applied metaphysics and related Planetary sciences have not only given him much accolades and honours,but has also made him a torch bearer of many curious and restless people of the world by the idea of alleviation of human sufferings through Divine flowing cosmic energy of this Universe.

Dr.Raj has been in the service of reviving the 5,000 year olden and golden science of Astrology and Vaastu in India and Overseas.People from far and wide have been able to benefit from the age-old art ,from film stars to businessman,to Politician,to Bureaucrats,and to a common man. Dr.Raj has a very Unique system of prediction not only of a person but of Global effect of nature,too . As an evidence Dr.Raj predicted on