To begin any auspicious work in a certain auspicious period for successful accomplishment of the work is called" Muhurta"Under that specific period of time any specific work is done to get the smooth success is called Muhurta.When we begin any work in an auspicious period of time we get the full support of Nature.So. it is essential to get the muhurta before the commencement of any new venture.For example-Marriage-Muhurta, Sacred thread or Baptism-muhurta,Partnership-venture Muhurta.

Taking Oath muhurta and so on. Well begun is half done is a well known and wise saying in English.If you plan an important undertaking you would like to accomplish it in a systematic and easy way.So you would like to start it at a moment when you can get the support of nature.Muhurta is a branch of Hora Jyotish that mainly deals with selecton of favourable moments. Muhurta is the time when the Auspicious configuration of the planet available in heaven. It is believed that if the starting is perfect ,the journey will be happy and safe. For example when you go to dive into swimming pool you have to take a perfect angle to enjoy the diving.

If your angle is not perfect you will get a big blow. Muhurta helps the person to commence a business or profession at a favourable time to bring profit, to hold wedding at the proper time to promote more harmonious and happy Marriage,or to move into a new House at the moment when the laws of the nature are supportive to help to increase peace,happiness,prosperity for all who will live in the new home.Initiation of the crucial matters.etc. Actually Muhurta is an Antidote for any other flaws which a Native or the work contains, it is just like antibiotic to neutralise the malignancy of the event.

But we must know that Muhurta plays an important role for smooth running of a venture ,but it doesnot control the whole system and fate of the Native.So, we must consider it just as a supplementary part and supportive agent for successful start of a work.As every happennig on this earth is influenced by cosmic vibration and Muhurta becomes conducive to it.So Muhurta is necessary and inevitable for significant ventures specially which contains maximum risk factor for smooth completion and curtailing the negativity.