Palmistry is the practice of interpreting character and telling fortune by examining the lines,and other features such as mounts on a person"s palm.The four main lines are claimed to relate to vitality of life(Life line),emotional security (Heart Line).intelligence(Head lines), and to external influences that might affect your life ( Fate line).

Palmistry is divided into two section

  1.  Cheirognomy
  2.  Cheirogmancy

The first deals with the shape of the hand and fingers and relates to the hereditary influence of character and disposition and the second to the lines and markings of the palm to the events of past, present,and future.Research in this field is still going on to make it a perfect system or science of fotune telling.But it is really a point of mystery that every one s lines in the palm is different from others.It is believed that palmistry originated in India with its root in Indian Astrology.

We can also trace its root back to Greece from Aristotle(384-322 B.C.E.).A treatise on this subject was found on the altar od Hermes then it was transfered to Alexander The Great.(356-323 B.C.E.).who took great interest in examining the character of his officers by analysing the lines on their palm.Aristotle firmly told -Lines are not written on human hand without reasons.Hippocrates and Alexander The Great popularized the laws and practice of palmistry.

Now practice of palmistry is spread all over the world. Renowned palmist Cheiro who learnt palmistry in India where he is believed to have read ancient scripture on palmistry.Comte C.De Saint- Germain and Adolf Desbarolles also made a good effort in popularizing the Palmistry. Scientific Trials on Palmistry-- Cheiro writes in his book Palmistry for Al, ;Meissner ,in 1853 proved that corpuscles or molecular substances were distributed in a peculiar manner in the hand itself. He found that in the tips of the fingers they were 108 to the square line, with 400 papillae that they gave forth certain distinct crepitations, or Vibrations, and that in the red lines of the hand they were found in straight individual rows in the lines of the palm.

Experiments were made as to these vibrations, and it was proved that ,after a little study ,one could distinctly detect and recognise the crepitations in relation to each individual.They increased or decreased in every phase of health, thought,or excitement, and were extinct the moment death had mastered its victim.The study of these corpuscles was taken up by sir Charles Bell, who, in 1874, demonstrated that each corpuscle contained the end of a nerve fibre, and was immediate connection with the brain.This great specialist also demonstrated that every portion of the brain was in touch with the nerves of the hand and more particularly with the corpuscles found in the tips of the fingers and the lines of the hand.

The detection of criminals by taking impressions of the tips of the fingers and by thumb marks is now used by the police of almost every country and thousands of criminals have been tracked down and identified by this means. Mr. Desbarrolles talked about some fluid he said This vital fluid penetrates within us through certain organs,the fingers first and foremost, and is stored principally in the cells of the brain.Every impression produced upon the brain by the more or less rapid flow of fluid is reflected upon the hand in an almost invariably constant manner, leaving visible markings of the hand.

The nerve group that controls the hands is exactly in the centre of the brain, and all the electrical energies of our thinking pass through it.In sum up we can say that the lines on the hands are a blueprint of the neurological make up of the individual.This theory may also explain how the lines of the hand can change when a persons behavior change.

Application of Palmistry

Palmistry is of course can be of great importance in our life if we look at it in broader vision and a torch-bearer of of life phase.Life is a mixture of sweet and sour,success and failure, and pain and pleasure.Just we have come to know that impulses of feeling and intense will play and important role in life.When we are going through good phase we must apply our free will to make it more better and when going through low phase we are again free to use our will to combat and face the situation with confidence and win the battle of life with cheerful spirit.

Is fate or free will the ruler of humanity? If lines on the hand can tell something about how your life may turnout.does that mean you have no free will? I do not think so.We are here to exercise our free will.Yet even the face of such a determined destiny, I honestly and sincerely believe that the essence of human nature is free will.Everyone receives certain qualities-- their height,girth,eye strength, coordination, mental skills. Life is getting a grip on your real talents and making them work for you. This is why people with the same disabilities or hardship respond in a different ways.

Some succumb to their problems,while some throw away their crutches and become champions.They play the game of life with a different mental attitude toward the given in their lives, and they have refused to give up. The lesson here is not to look on the lines of the hand in deterministic terms for the lines on the hand change!The initial lines represent the opening roll the potential of the individual can make of it. Look at the hand of young children and you will see how the lines change as they move from infancy to adolescence.

Palmistry gives you the knowledge to see things in a metaphysical way and to act accordingly.Palmistry has worked for ages. It can reveal your inner nature and how to respect yourself.It can show you what you expect in your life.