Gemology is the study of gems.Gems have intrigued men for the last 7,000 years.Previously it was reserved for Rulers, Kingsly, and wealthy people as a status symbol. When people were less scientifically knowledgeable,gems had an aura of mystery,something almost spiritual.Thats why they were worn as amulets and talisman.It was sought they offered protection against ghost,evil spirits etc.They could repulse evil,preserve health, ward off poison and the plague;they also made princes gracious and led sailors home.

Upto the beginning of the 19th century,gemstones were sometimes used as medicine against illness.Hippocrates who is called the Father of Medicine used to take the gemstones for his clinical use for many cases with the planetary movement. As a natural consequence of the supposed supernatural powers of gemstones,a link with astrology was formed and gemstones were allocated to the signs of the zodiac.

Almost every religion of the world has some connection with these Gemstones-- The oldest epic of the world "Rgveda" Starts it first verse with the word Ratna means a Gem. Varahmihira. in his Brihatsanhita clearly explains about Gems "Ratnen Subhen subham Bhavati"(Chapter 80) "Bhaishajya Ratnavali" explains in (Chapter 1/verse 16-18) Bible-- There are twelve gemstone listed in" Revelation chapter 21. Many of the same gems are listed in the Ezekiel,chapter 28 Way back at the beginning old Testament there were twelve sacred Gemstones that came from the mountain of God .

They were given to Moses, whose blueprint for a sacred Breastplate for his brother,the high priest Aaron is given in Exodus 28:15-30. Even in Islamic culture Hazrat Muhammad(saw) used to wear cornelion(Akeek) and thats also a reason why many people wear akeek regardless of their date of birth. Merciful Allah has given us many gifts in this universe for the welfare of mankind,everything has its some purpose which is called Neyamat and sunnat in the Holy Quran.Gemstones are mentioned in The Holy Quran in Surat Al-Rehman .Almighty Allah has mentioned some verses in Surah Rehman "Out of them both come out Pearl and Coral"[55:22],Further more Almighty narrates in the same surah"(in beauty) they are like Rubies and Coral[55:58]. Now the question is how the Gemstones work.

Effects of Gemstones : So many research had proved the effects of gemstones on human being.Dr. Oscar Burner of U.S.A. measured the wavelengths of the radiation of the Gemstone and its effects on human being.All human ills arise from some transgression of universal natural law.The man should act according to natural law,He shouldnot violate and disobey the natural law.By number of means the adverse effect of planets can be minimized.

Here we discuss about the benefit of Gems.Just as house fitted with copper-rod to avoid/absorb shock of lightening in the same way the body temple can be protected from the negative influence of planets by wearing Gemstones.The electrical charge of the body-chemistry the electromagnetic radiation of the nervous system,which links mind and body and the cosmic radiarion received from space,all cooperate in influencing our behaviour,our environment and our action.

Gemstones are also closely connected with energy radiation.Energy of gemstones have its own refrective index,critical angle and polarized axis that influences the light energy it receives.A gemstone acts as a transmitter and as a transformer of energy radiation. The most astonizing aspect is that they absorb and transfer the subtle cosmic energy,reinfo the electrical impulses of human body and creating a strong force field around it to draw in the cosmic-radiation in the right proportion.

There is a close relation and combination of a particular planet with particular gemstone. It has been observed that a particular gemstone exhibits the nature.character and colour of a particular planet. So by the help of Gemstone we get directly the benifits of a particular planet. Gems are used to boost up the good influence of planets and strenghten the weak planets.It plays dual role-first throw out the negative from the body, secondly dont allow the negative influence of the planets to come into our body.