Vaastu contains a comprehensive meaning in it.The word vaastu is derived from the word" Vasu",or the Earth.The earth is the principal Vaastu and all the building situated on the earth are also Vaastu,apart from this whatever is created from vaastu as object of the earth are also Vaastu. Next Vaastu means to dwell at a place maintaining the Natural Law and Cosmic Vibrations.The word Vastospati occurs in the Rgveda 7.54.1).The Atharveda (5.17.13) even speaks of the spirit that chooses to dwell in the houses.There are many famous and scientific treatise on Vaastu are Brahat-samhita,Rajatrangini, Visvakarma prakash, Samrangansutradhara, silparatna, Manasara and Mayamatam.Vaastu is also dealt in Agmas and puranas.There are also Vaastu text for Jainism and Buddhism, such as Gautamayam,Buddhamatam and chaitya.Mainly Vaastu is the balancing system and mechanism of The Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Space

There is concept of Vaastu purusha which signifies the sensitive parts of a building. . Nowadays Vaastu is very much in craze just because people want to get mental and physical happiness along with richness in money. Today If I say Your Vaastu can affects your money-matter ,it could be a matter of great research in coming future. As human is a natural object so he is bound to follow the Lawsof the nature.Only then he can be happy.Today we are living in a world of Science and Technology. Question may arise why is this Science and Technology?The simple answer is to make the modern people live in peace , harmony,and prosperity.Are we availing all these?Automatically answer is" No".Today the world population is increasing at a rapid growth and result is that just to cater the need we are exploiting this mother Earth and doing everything against the nature, science and Technology seems helpless in maintaing the balance.Vaastu saus to maintain the law between cosmic effect and human being.

Increasing population and unavailability of land made our builders and modern engineers to erect Flats ,Building, factory in a hapgazard way without taking the subtleties of Vaastu which has resulted in destruction,sorrows and pain with unhealthy life. According to a report of W.H.O. that appeared in the New York Times, the scientists of USA have declared 2000 buildings as sick.It cannot be said that these construction had no good engineering, skillls involved in them.The sickness is attributed to the disorderly arrangement of spaces within the within the built environment.They say that such residential buildings are found to be the sources of mental and physical disorders.The Govt.of India,in order to improve the economy of the nation has taken several steps recently. .Most of the Industries in the state and central sectors have become sick inspite of good funding and subsidiaries, they are not in a position to meet the salaries of lakhs of employees working in this units, thus incurring a loss of several thousand crores every years.

therefore the Govt has taken decision to close down some of these huge loss making units.But where to absorb the employees is a big question that has remained unanswered till today.There are 2,21,427 sick industries in the small sector only, while 25% to 30%of the units are sick in private sector as many as75% units are sick in the Govt sector,whether state or central thus rendering colossal investment worthless. Needless to say that this is a mind-boggling drain on the wealth of nation .When the nation is passing through untold economic crisis and millions of employees are threatened with losses of jobs rendering their families without subsistence,why can not a fair trial to be given to effect Vaastu changes in these industries methodically in some sample units on an experimental basis under the supervision of apanel of advisers and experts to carry out the correction.

During the course of my research of Vaastu, I have found that this ancient Science of Vaastu has tremendous bearing on the running of business concerns and Industrial units.I have visited many business and Industrial Houses all over India and corrected them as per Vaastu which resulted in converting 90% of them into profit making units.It many not be out of place to mention here that even a strong communist country like China is following a similar science called Feng-shui.Therefore ,it is my earnest appeal to the Govt of India in general and the state Govt in particular to give a serious thought to this new avenue to tackle the vexatious problem of Industrial sickness with the application of Vaastu shastra aim at providing comfort and joy to the dwellers.

In the building that have already been constructed a common man is helpless in making structural changes,Even then, if he effects changes in the arrangement of rooms he can reduce ill-effects at least to the extent of 30%to 40%. Of course we may not follow 100% Vaastu in modern scenario but we can maintain it upto maximum level between 70% to 90%.There will be lesser problems, Todays many people sayVaastu is not so much necessary in flats and apartments.This logic is just like one is saying Oxygen is not much necessary in Flats and apartments.How funny? Modern Engineering,of course has grown to a greater level and it gives you the guarantee to make your space beautiful,comfortable and in modern -outlook but it doesnot give you the guarantee of peace and harmony.Whereas the rules of Vaastu gives you the guarantee of happy-living,peace and harmony with economic growth.Todays most of the Builders claim to have maintaing Vaastu in their flats and apartments but in fact they are not. Vaastu is a great boon to any grief-stricken and financially over burdened family.Unfortunately, modern builders and architects do not care at all as to how happy a person is who purchases a flat and occupies it for year together.I do not blame them because they have never been taught this age-old science.They feelthat once they design and erect the building or structure their responsibility is over.

But no, this should never be the attitude of an architect.And that is why vastu sastra specifies as to how an architect should be,Even the Roman architect Vitruvius specifies as to how an architect should be.It is unfortunate that our entire teaching system in architecture college is based upon British and French methods.People think that construction of a house is nothing but construction with bricks and mortar as per the plan.There are various aspect to be considered and consulted before and during construction. When we use a space with four walled structure called building, it becomes a living organism and pulsate like a human being.The earth being a living Organism is capable of experiencing and sending forth waves of energy through its vibrations and these energy waves is recognised to be a pattern of energy-grid.All the spaces are Tri-dimensional.The inner space, the outer space and the earthly space.

They are incorporated in the technology of the Vaastu for raising building and preparing the lay-out. Man is essentially cosmic in character The earth is made up of cosmic materials and Nature radiates cosmic forces.The interplay of cosmic forces between the objects in nature and man are fully reflected in the disciplines of vaastu.Vaastu shastra as an applied science and technology related to the construction of a building.Its use will result in enhancing the quality material and spiritual-of life in todays troubled world. Right from the selection of a site, every single details of architecture and living is analysed with reference to both the body and mind,matter and energy.



The principal of Vaastu recorded in our manuscript are based on

(1). Geological
(2). Geometrical
(3). Geophysical
(4). Botanical
(5). Celestial.
(6). The natural magnetic influx and Gravitational power of the Earth
(7). the reflected powers of the moon
(8). the direct transmission power of the Sun,
the solar rays with different wavelength flanked by two invisible Zones known as ultra violet and infra-red.Our Maharishis had visualized a constant magnetic gravitational power in space flowing from the North-east corner to south-west corner of the entire topography of the universe including mother earth.

There are mostly three parts of modern vaastu
(1). Residential
(2). Commercial
(3). Temple Vaastu
The principal of Vaastu relate to
» The History of the Plot
» Selection of a Site
» Examination of a Site
» Shape of a Site
» Slope of a Site
» Soil Testing When and Where to Start Excavation
» Flow of Water
» Planning of a structure
» Utility of the Different Segment of Structure
» Plinth Measurement
» Height of the Roof
» Measurement of Wall
» Main Door
» Placement of Other Doors
» Placement of Almirah
» Windows
» Utility of the Space Around the Building
» Sub-houses in a Site
» Extention of a Site by Direction
» Crushing of a Site
» Pisaca-Sthan(
» Ekasudipada Vinyasa
» Sasti Pada
» Sata- Pada
» Bore-Well
» Septic -Tank
» Staircase
» Trees in a Site
» Domestic Animals
» Pet Animals Site
» Birds
» Placements of Photos
» Boundary of the Walls
» Measurement of the Rooms
» Master Bedroom
» Bedrooms of Family Members
» Hall
» Bathrooms and Toilets
» Kitchen
» Prayer Room
» Study Room
» Dinning Hall
» Guest - Room
» Muhurta Entry into a House.etc.
These priciples when applied offer strength, safety and longevity of a structure and peace, progress,and prosperity of dwellers.Vaastu is holistic approch towards happy living. Astrology and Vaastu go hand in hand .They are Inter-related and Inter-dependent,therefore,it isnotable to say the best of construction based on vastu alone will not be a magic -wand that will minimize or eliminate all the problems, related to mental,physical,and tmaterial components of ones life.So,it is observed that while one looks at Vaastu he should also look into the natal -chartof the resident and corroborate the readings. If the placement of planets in the natal-chart is such that the native has to undergo troubles,however much we try to set right the VAASTU defects the trouble persists.Correction made to rectify the defects will reduce the intensity of the problems. So,Vaastu and Astrology are the two divine sciences with the help of which one can plan to have a peaceful and happy life.