This single word contains the whole chemistry of life.A lot has been said and a lot more will be said till the Human being exist on this planet Earth. Because we cannot imagine life without this love.In other word we can say we all are the formation of love.The definition of Love goes beyond par of our knowledge.It is omnipotent ,full of energy,thrilling,beyond all norms ,and boundryless with having a full potential to bring about a change in a person,in a society and even in a country.History is the evidence that how many Regime of a country and system were turned turtle and seen massive change.Nothing is more powerful than this small four lettered word which has capacity of making overall change, but of course, if it is true.Love can be classified in different forms-Love between two persons, Love for the country, Love between mother and child,Love between God and devotee ,love between Guru and disciple, love between employee and employer,love for Money,and love for knowledge,love for power and pelf, love with oneself, and so on endless categories of love.

Here we talk about love between two human being because he is the first unit of any creation.The miracle of love depend depends upon the intensity and degree of love .Love means strong affection.Love is a natural phenomenon;an elevated kind of positive response towards someone you feel is loveable. Love can be created in vaccum;it requires a strong base of affection.

But if love is self centered,infidel,cheatful, and lustful, it becomes flippant and derogatory.In the name of love so much corruption and crime are rampant in many countries even ours. Here, only this powerful word of" LOVE" becomes very helpless and poor. So, today is the need of every section of the society to understand the proper meaning of LOVE.It has been said that everything is fair in love and war.But not at the cost of emotion. Because emotion is the basic element of love.Today we can easily find people making love without emotion based on some personal benefit or lust is not love.Here it becomes an utter pain in later phase of life.False love or infidelity has become a fashion and a stepping stone to get success by hook or by crook in life.Who is to blame ,nobody knows, our daily changing system of society,nut cracking competitions for success or jelousy or our changing culture.But one thing is very clear peace is not there which is the ultimate goal of Love.

Love means to creat not to destroy, love means to explore not to explode.Without going in the deeper explanation ,here we would discuss how to make the best use of LOVE with the help of polishing grinder of Astrology. Astrology can easily explain the positive and negative aspect of a relationship of a couple or who are planning to be a couple.Whether the love part will be fruitful in life with certain person or will end in fiasco could be known from the eye of Astrology very clearly.In this way we can save our emotions without being hurt or can make some special changes if possible, in our would be soul-mate.So, Astrology could be a helping hand in making or changing any relationship in a fantastic way.