Numerology is one branch of metaphysics.It is believed, as Albert Einstein taught,that everything is composed of energy,and all energy has vibrational patterns.When you learn to understand and analyze these patterns,you also learn the tremendous interworkings among vibrations.One way to learn about vibrations is through numerology,which shows that even the human personality is composed of energy patterns. The knowledge found in numerology,if known universally,could change humankind.It can teach that there is a place for all, and affirm some of the teachings of the highest souls.With a knowledge of vibrations, you can know ahead of time how you will interact with other peoples personalities or know when to do things to obtain the best results.It is conceivable that deep love and friendship could be available to all.

This knowledge can be used to get your work done smoothly with the vibrational effects of Number.It can be used to find your mate or find friendship.Knowledge of compatibility can be used in employment situations such as looking for work or putting together a compatible work force.It could also be used to help with adoption.It would be much better to put people together who are actually compatible than to blindly hope that one personality will mesh with another. Using numerology to look for compatibility could help to know whom to elect to office.One is able to tell what really motivates a person and if it is compatible with what is being sought.

You can use compatibility knowledge in the naming of children.As you work with numerology, you will notice that people born within the same family already have vibrational similarities.This shows that souls do not come together by chance. However this could be consciously used. You could knowingly pick a name that would give your child a personality and interests similar to your own. You can consciously make love plentiful in your life. Much hurt and hard times could be eliminated.Numerology is a priceless body of knowledge.

It can be used in many different ways.When numerology is used to place a person within time, or to describe a time period itself,the numbers will show the best time to do thing. For example, during certain times,love will be heightened. So,if your purpose is to use numerology to look for love or compatibility, it helps to look at the right time,otherwise a chance at love might be lost. Numerology is said to come from the teaching and calculation of the Greek philosopher Pythogoras,whom most people may remember for the Pythogorean theorem.

He was amazingly intelligent and brought great knowledge into the world. It is too bad that his studies and teaching, which led to Numerology,are not better known and taken seriously. Numerology could do so much good,but for the most part is not recognised for what it could do.Actually Indian astrology gave birth to number system in a broader aspect.Here we are talking about numerology. When using numerology, you learn that certain numbers or vibrations are compatible with others,while other vibration appear to irritate or repel others.A simple knowledge of numerology will help you accept and understand others better.In this way it will be seen that in all our materialistic systems of numbers, the numbers 1 to 9 are the base on which we are compelled to build, just as in the same way of all music,and againas the seven primary colours are the bases of all our combinations of colours.

In passing it may be remarked that all through the Bible and other sacred books, the "Seven" whenever mentioned always stands in relation to the spiritual or mysterious God force and has a curious significance in this sense whenever employed.The number 1 is the first number. It represents the First cause,creator, God oe spirit, call it as you like.

A circle or the Zero,"0" has always been taken as the symbol of endlessness-otherwise Eternity. Even in our chemistry we have given a number and symbol to all the elements. Water.......1010 its symbol is H2O Hydrogen------212 its Symbol is H Oxygen---------1030...............O Nitrogen----------1969-------------N Carbon------------1050-------------C and so on. Every Year, Day, and Month ,Hour, is identified by some number . There is mystery in the number108,786,1008,360,60, and 18. See the equation 1-----9 Number, 9Planets, 18 Puranas and 18 Chapters in Gita. and 18 Parva in Mahabharata. and so on. 1+8= 9.

Point to be noted that there is a specific recurrence of numbers in everyone,s life on major ocassions and part of life